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The PA Report - Ad-blockers, the games press, and why sexy cosplay galleries lead to better reporting

More on ad blocking, paying for content, and all that good stuff.

Read. Marvel. Feel edumacated. 

Especially about the sexy cosplay galleries. You may hate them, love them, or be totally indifferent to them, but those endless Slave Leias are paying for you to have decent content.

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    This is definitely worth a read, everyone, especially if you have any inturest in online publishing and writing.
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    I have my adblocker set up a fair bit like the way he suggests. I mainly block stupidly annoying ads(Though my...
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    Time to white-list Cracked and a few other good sites.
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    You should also read Rock Paper Shotgun’s response to that article. Because not everyone has to do that kinda stuff to...
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    oh thank goodness, still I’m going to keep my ad blocker around just in case for the future but for now…DISABLE ALL
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